In Campbell, NIMBYISM Comes for the Burgers

Residents of Campbell, California will have to continue traveling for their double doubles and animal-style fries. In a packed meeting last week, the City Council quashed plans for a long anticipated In-N-Out at 499 E. Hamilton Avenue. The vote was 3-2.

Traffic was the reason cited by naysayers. The intersection where the 3,812- square-foot restaurant would have been located received a D- on a city-sponsored survey. City leaders heard from angry residents who didn’t want to deal with a line of cars in the area around lunchtime.

“It was a full room and as you can imagine, there was a lot of passion on both sides,” City Manager Al Bito said of the meeting (Mercury News).

I mean, who doesn’t get passionate about that secret sauce?

The Campbell Planning Commission split in a vote on the project last month at 2-2. The restaurant chain then appealed to the city council.


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