How Your City Can Protect Itself From the Cybersecurity Threat

There’s good reason to fear a cyber attack on your city in the future, but there are things local governments can do right now to prevent or mitigate an attack.

The National League of Cities has just released a list of suggestions for cities wishing to avoid becoming a statistic. These include:

  • Designating a cybersecurity point person
  • Prioritizing data security and health
  • Educating residents and public employees about the threat
  • Conducting a thorough analysis of weak spots in the system
  • Data backup
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
  • New threat response plans
  • Converting to a .gov web domain
  • Improving cybersecurity professional recruitment efforts

Check out the detailed list of recommendations here and don't miss the free upcoming webinar on local government cybersecurity from LMNTRIX.


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