L.A. Council President Urges a Halt to Cannabis Licensing

In a stunning letter to the Department of Cannabis Regulation, Los Angeles City Council President Herb Wesson has called for the suspension of cannabis retail licenses pending an independent audit that would evaluate the system’s fairness.

Wesson cites allegations that some applicants were able to gain early access to the application system. At a recent Cannabis Regulation Commission meeting, some complained that slower internet speeds for prospective applicants also skewed the playing field, disadvantaging marginalized communities hardest hit by the War on Drugs.

“Unfortunately these allegations have been substantiated,” he writes. Wesson also wants the city’s most recent applicants to receive refunds.

Cannabis Regulation Department head Cat Packer acknowledged that two people did gain early access to the system by error but denied any interference by automated applicaitons or bots.

Read more about the controversy at the Los Angeles Times.


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