California Metros Among Top 10 for Package Theft

23 million Americans have had packages stolen from their doorsteps, including 11 million last year. The holidays are prime time for theft.

In California, the situation is even more bleak. A new report from puts three of the top 10 metros for porch piracy in the Golden State.

The website analyzed FBI statistics and Google searches about stolen packages to develop its list of the leading metros for porch piracy.

They were:

1. San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose, California

2. Salt Lake City, Utah

3. Portland, Oregon

4. Baltimore, Maryland

5. Seattle–Tacoma, Washington

6. Chicago, Illinois

7. Austin, Texas

8. Denver, Colorado

9. Los Angeles, California

10. Sacramento–Stockton-Modesto, California

List and data is compiled by SmartWise and does not reflect statistics on all U.S. or California cities.

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