A Look Back at Former Manteca City Manager Tim Ogden’s Tenure

In 2018, three new members were elected to Manteca’s City Council. What followed was a political shakeup that included several top level departures, including that of City Manager Tim Ogden last month.

Ogden and the City Council have mutually agreed to part ways. The agreement was reached amicably 21/2 years after Ogden first assumed the top administrator position.

Replacing Ogden will be a tall order for the Council. He had racked up a long list of accomplishments during his tenure. Among them: two consecutive balanced budgets; nine labor union agreements; a successful negotiation with the school district that yielded a cost neutral agreement; the passage of Measure J; a new economic development plan; the creation of the Manteca Leadership Roundtable; the funding of two new interchanges; and the new Fire Station No. 5 to be completed this year.

“Ogden was also the first city manager to get the county to budge on tax splits that are more favorable to the city when land is annexed and developed,” notes the Manteca Bulletin. “Prior to Ogden’s successful negotiations, new annexations only gave the city 20 percent of every dollar in taxes collected for local services while the county kept 80 percent meaning existing residents were helping underwrite costs to serve new residents. He was able to double Manteca’s share or property taxes to make the county-city split of the 1,301 home Griffin Park development going forward west of South Main Street between Woodward Avenue and Sedan Avenue a 60-40 proposition.”

The most notable success of Ogden’s tenure, however, was the finalization of a $180 million deal that brought the Great Wolf Resort to Manteca. Before Ogden came on board, the city had almost lost its opportunity to welcome the six-story hotel and waterpark. Ogden’s leadership helped secure hundreds of new jobs in Manteca. It's a legacy that will be felt in the San Joaquin County city for years to come.

Ogden had been on paid administrative leave since September. Miranda Ludlow is now serving in the interim role.


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