Cities Expand Digital Services to Deal With Social Distancing

With social distancing measures expanding, cities across the country are finding new and creative ways to move their services and communications online.

City leaders had a chance to learn about these efforts during a recent webinar. “The webinar acted as a way to help leaders understand what is already available and what can be rolled out quickly,” according to Smart Cities Dive.

Liz Fischer, chief customer officer at CityBase, said the new reality will create the need for ‘virtual city halls.’ Cities like San Francisco and Indianapolis are leading the way. They have expanded digital services and communication efforts.

Right now, communication by local governments is key. One of the most important tasks cities will face is ensuring the integrity of public information. The World Health Organization (WHO) recently cautioned governments about the harm of disinformation. It can spread rapidly if left unchecked—sometimes at tremendous bodily risk.


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