Here’s How Those March 3 Cannabis Measures Turned Out

Last week, we told you about six local cannabis measures appearing on ballots across the state March 3. Now, it’s time to check in.

Voters in San Fernando opted to ban cannabis businesses within city limits (Measure MJ), 54.91% to 45.09%.

In Trinity County, 51.66% of voters approved a cannabis cultivation tax of $0.85 per square foot for areas 2500 square feet or less; a cannabis cultivation tax of $1.45 per square foot 2501 square feet or greater; a 7% tax on gross proceeds for manufacturing; and a 7% tax on gross proceeds for medicinal or legal cannabis storefronts.

El Monte also approved its first ever cannabis tax by a blowout margin of 70.23%. Measure PC taxes retail at 9%, cultivation and manufacturing at 6%, and 5% for distribution and testing. The revenue will go toward funding for parks and schools.

Avalon voters rejected an advisory measure recommending that the city open itself up to recreational pot sales.

Finally, the two dueling medical marijuana measures in Kern County have failed. Both of them would have legalized sales of medical marijuana. But one measure was sponsored by the county and the other was a citizens’ initiative.

The county’s measure (E) would have given the Board of Supervisors more control over the issue. Dispensaries would have been required to obtain conditional use permits. The citizen’s measure (D) would have allowed medical marijuana dispensaries to operate without conditional use permits.

Measure E received 50,205 no votes and Measure D received 52,240 no votes. Prior to March 3, advocates of the citizens’ measure expressed concerns that the county’s initiative would split the vote.

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