Six Marijuana Ballot Measures to Watch March 3rd

Several cities and counties in California have cannabis measures on the ballot this Tuesday. These include dueling medical marijuana measures in Kern County, both of which would legalize sales of medical marijuana, as well as a ban on commercial pot in the San Fernando Valley.

First, the dueling initiatives in Kern.

Kern County’s Measure D reads:

“Shall County adopt the ordinance proposed by Initiative, Medicinal Cannabis Measure, allowing medicinal cannabis retail, cultivating and manufacturing; allow medicinal cannabis retail operating before January 1, 2018 to reopen, relocate, and expand in unincorporated area, subject to state licensing requirements and 1000 foot setbacks from legal medicinal shops and schools; allow activity without conditional use permit; and allow County to levy perpetual 3.75% special business tax per every $1000.00 of gross income {fiscal impact unknown}?”

Kern County’s Measure E reads:

“Shall County adopt the ordinance proposed by County, Kern Medicinal Cannabis Retail Store Initiative, allowing and regulating medicinal cannabis in unincorporated area, subject to conditional use permit after public hearing, state licensing requirements, setbacks of 1000 feet from legal medicinal shops, schools, public parks, youth centers, libraries, churches, city limits, or 350 feet from any residence; and levying a perpetual 3.5% general purpose business tax per every $1000.00 of gross income [fiscal impact unknown]?”

Measure D was a citizen’s initiative, while E was placed on the ballot by the Board of Supervisors. Learn more about each of the measures and their differences here

In Trinity County, voters will weigh in on a cannabis cultivation tax.

Measure A reads: 

“Shall the Ordinance establishing a cannabis cultivation tax of $0.85 per square foot for 2500 square feet or less of licensed outdoor/mixed canopy area, and $1.45 per square foot for 2501 square feet or greater of licensed outdoor/mixed canopy area; and a gross proceeds tax of (7%) on the manufacturing of cultivated cannabis; and a gross proceeds tax of (7%) on medicinal or legal cannabis storefronts and collectives for general governmental purposes be adopted?”

Meanwhile, voters in the City of San Fernando could opt to ban all commercial pot via Measure MJ

El Monte is voting on its first ever cannabis tax Tuesday. Measure PC would authorize a tax of 9% for retail cannabis, 6% for cultivation and manufacturing, and 5% for distribution and testing. The revenue – which is expected to equal $2.43 million the first year and $6.72 million in the sixth year – would fund parks, youth programs, and public safety. But even if it is approved by the two-thirds majority it requires, it could all be for naught. Opponents are pursuing an outright ban for the November ballot. Read more at the San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Lastly, Avalon will vote on an advisory measure for cannabis deliveries. Measure E reads:

“ADVISORY VOTE ONLY: Should the City of Avalon expand its current commercial cannabis ordinance from medical delivery only to allow for adult use/recreational delivery sales within the City of Avalon city limits?”