Beverly Hills Police Chief Resigns

Beverly Hills Police Chief Sandra Spagnoli is resigning from office. Spagnoli will step down on May 15. She is using her vacation time until then, according to a report from the Los Angeles Times.

The news of Spagnoli’s departure follows multiple controversies involving alleged racist statements and favoritism toward romantic partners within the department. Those allegations, which Spagnoli has denied, led to at least two dozen lawsuits and legal settlements that cost the city around $8 million.

The city would not say whether Spagnoli’s legal issues were the cause of her departure, but it’s clear they weren’t going to abate anytime soon. The last legal claim was filed as recently as March 30.

According to city spokesman Keith Sterling, the “Chief notified [the] City Manager of her intention to retire.”

Spagnoli Took over the department in 2016, becoming the first female police chief in Beverly Hills' history. Previously, she led the San Leandro and Benicia police departments and served as a member of the International Assn. of Chiefs of Police.

“I am grateful to have served Beverly Hills and proud of the accomplishments over the past 4 years to keep this world-class community one of the safest in the nation,” Spagnoli said in a statement Saturday.

Beverly Hills City Manager George Chavez thanked the chief for her service.

“During the Chief’s tenure, crime was reduced while the department increased diversity, public outreach, best practices and advancements in technology,” he said. “We thank Chief Spagnoli for her service to our community and her three decades of public service in law enforcement.”


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