This California Town Will Test Every Resident for COVID-19

Talk to an expert about safely reopening the economy and you’re sure to hear one word repeated over and over again:


Now, one community in Marin County, California will become the first to test all members of its population, regardless of whether or not they’ve ever shown symptoms of COVID-19.

The purpose of universal testing in Bolinas, California isn’t diagnostic, however. This is a research project. Officials are trying to determine just how widespread the virus is in the area.

As County News has reported, serology tests in Los Angeles and Santa Clara counties have revealed greater prevalence of the virus than was previously thought. But those studies have sampling issues. Some experts believe people who agreed to be tested were more likely to have experienced symptoms of COVID-19 to begin with.

Epidemiologists and local governments will be keeping a close eye on the results out of Bolinas. So will we.