A Santa Rosa officer has died from COVID-19. Is this just the beginning?

The Santa Rosa Police Department announced Tuesday that one of its detectives has died from coronavirus, or COVID-19.

Detective Armer was one of eight SRPD members recently diagnosed with COVID-19. Her tragic death underscores the vulnerability of public safety officers and first responders to this virus. With rates of infection rising in police departments across the country, there are growing concerns about the impact on public health and safety.

California police departments can look to New York to see what might happen here. Around 15% of the NYPD is out sick and five officers have died. At the same time, daily 911 calls have surpassed September 11th levels. The Los Angeles Police Department is already experiencing strain. Chief Michel Moore said Tuesday that 29 of his officers and five civilian employees have contracted the virus. 75 more are awaiting test results.

The sheriff’s departments of San Bernardino, Riverside, and San Francisco are also grappling with a rise of infected officers.