California City News Hosts Webinar on COVID-19 Budget and Revenue Impacts

California City News on Tuesday hosted a webinar on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on local finance. Three speakers from Avenu Insights & Analytics and FM3 Research provided information on what changes local agencies can expect as a result of the pandemic and how they can steer themselves in a positive direction

Fran David with Avenu spoke first and focused on how cities should revise their budgets to account for the pandemic. She emphasized the importance of communication as agencies adjust and readjust to the constantly changing data and information available.

Thomas Adams, also with Avenu, spoke next and discussed what kind of economic changes to expect moving forward, esoecially based on previous recessions we’ve seen. He then provided an analysis of expected sales tax revenue across several industries and what changes to other sources of revenue jurisdictions can expect.

Finally, Dave Metz, Partner and President of FM3 Research, provided insight on current public opinion, how willing voters are to embrace ways of generating new revenue, and what that could mean for potential revenue enhancements moving forward.

The session concluded with a Q&A portion.

California City News, along with sister sites California County News, Cal School News, and California Marijuana Policy, are thankful to our speakers for providing their time and knowledge with us. And we’d like to thank Hawthorne Gardening Co. for sponsoring a second webinar for us this year.

All of the presentations, as well as a recording of the video are available here: Feel free to review the materials and share as you like.