L.A. Mayor Says School Children Will Need Corona Testing “At Least Weekly, If Not More”

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti appeared on The Lead with Jake Tapper Tuesday to discuss the future of L.A.’s stay-at-home orders. During the back-and-forth, he made clear that students returning to L.A. schools will be required to undergo regular coronavirus testing—“at least weekly, if not more frequently.”

Los Angeles County recently became the first major jurisdiction to offer universal coronavirus testing even for those who don’t have symptoms. It is now conducting over 15,000 tests a day, which experts say is reasonable for a population of its size.

Regular testing requirements in schools would present new challenges, however. Both funding and compliance could be major roadblocks for any widespread testing plan in schools.

Watch the video below.


“We’re going to have to have, for our young people, not just testing once and you’re good to go to school, but at least weekly, if not more frequently, to make sure nobody infectious is going to school.” - LA Mayor Eric Garcetti on what steps need to be taken to reopen schools. pic.twitter.com/ofy4FQMEvH

— The Lead CNN (@TheLeadCNN) May 12, 2020


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