Changes Coming to LAPD Practices, Budget

Los Angeles is responding to nationwide protests over policing with some dramatic changes. On Wednesday Mayor Eric Garcetti said he would not approve an increase in the Los Angeles Police Department's budget that was scheduled for the 2020-21 fiscal year. Instead, he’s asking City Administrative Officer Richard Llewellyn to reallocate $250 million to enhance services in communities of color.

Garcetti’s decision followed a public outcry about the coming LAPD budget increase. The death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers last month has ignited an urgent debate about police practices, accountability, and budgets.

Funding isn’t the only change we can expect. Los Angeles Police Commission President Eileen Decker also announced a series of reforms, including the use of an independent prosecutor from outside the District Attorney's Office for officer complaints; requiring LAPD officers to intervene if they witness misconduct by another officer; a reduction in juvenile lockups; and $100-150 million in cuts to the police department’s budget.

Additionally, Decker has announced a moratorium on CalGang database entries. The database has been the subject of controversy.