Pot Dispensaries Are Coming to Wildomar

Commercial cannabis retailers will soon be welcome in designated areas of Wildomar.

On June 10, the City Council approved the second reading of a commercial cannabis ordinance permitting dispensaries within the city’s two commercial zones. The vote, which followed tense discussions, was 3-2. Mayor Dustin Nigg, Councilman Joseph Morabito, and Ben Benoit voted yes. Mayor Pro Tem Bridgett Moore and Councilwoman Marsha Swanson voted no.

Under the ordinance, pot shops must be kept 600 feet from sensitive sites such as schools and daycare centers. Businesses must have security measures in place and may not allow on-site consumption.

“The council also approved the fees for local license applications which is $20,000, another $20,000 for a CUP deposit, and a developmental agreement deposit of $12,000,” according to Valley News.

“After the license is approved, a regulatory, non-refundable fee of more than $70,000 is due. After two years, an initial deposit fee of $10,000 is required.”

Incorporated in 2008, Wildomar is one of the state’s newest cities. Like many municipalities, it has been hit hard by revenue losses during the pandemic. If all goes as planned, it could begin accepting cannabis retail applications by July 10.


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