Cities Call on L.A. County to Distribute More CARES Act Funds

More than two dozen cities in L.A. County say they have received few funds from the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act and are now calling on the county to redistribute some $1.8 billion to local municipalities.

Mayors and city council members from around 30 of L.A. County’s 87 cities issued a joint statement Friday on behalf of The Coalition of LA County Cities.

“If we are all in this together and the pandemic impact and costs are shared, as Mayor (Eric) Garcetti and County Supervisor (Kathryn) Barger have previously stated, then the financial assistance received under the CARES Act must likewise be shared, just like the burden of the pandemic," Carson Mayor Albert Robles said (City News Service).

L.A. County has said it is already distributing the funds to local governments. It has laid out the spending of CARES Act funding here. All are in agreement, however, that more assistance is needed from the federal government.


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