More Cities Imposing No-Mask Fines

Once upon a time, cities and counties were declaring their refusal to enforce the state’s statewide mask mandate. That was before California surpassed New York as the state with the highest raw total of cases and before 7,170 were hospitalized with COVID-19.

To be sure, plenty of local governments still balk at COVID restrictions. But a number of them are also cracking down on violators.

The following cities in Southern California are imposing new fines on people who don’t wear masks in public, according to NBC:

  • Beverly Hills ($100, then $200, then $500)
  • Santa Monica ($100, then $250, then $500)
  • West Hollywood ($300)
  • Manhattan Beach ($100, $200, then $350)
  • Costa Mesa ($100)
  • Calabasas ($100)
  • Irvine ($500)

SF Gate reports that Monterey is also imposing fines in its commercial district.

Is your city enforcing the mask mandate?

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