COVID-19 has made it difficult to estimate even the near-term revenue shortfalls for your jurisdiction, but there are opportunities to identify specific revenue streams that will help offset the declines.

For example, Avenu’s tax experts have identified an upward trend in Utility User Tax revenue for many jurisdictions across the country. And we want to share with you the impact this is having as you deal with the aftermath of COVID-19.

Join us for a short presentation on August 5th at 1 p.m. est. to hear from Avenu’s VP of Compliance, Jonathan Gerth and VP of Government Relations, Fran Mancia as we discuss the current and future state of Utility Tax revenue across California.

This update will cover:

  • A legal and legislative review related to digital goods and Internet Tax Freedom Act
  • Identifiable trends related to all local tax revenues
  • The impact of COVID-19 on Utility Usage
  • Unique opportunity to offset revenue shortfalls
  • Avenu’s Utility User Tax Program
Reality is that service delivery and consumer consumption patterns are changing and understanding the revenue picture will — across the board — be one of the greatest challenges in the upcoming year.

Ensure compliance and maximize these critical revenue streams today!