Police Union Dismisses Garcetti’s Plans to Shut Down Party Houses

Last week, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti directed city officials to cut water and power to homes caught hosting large parties during the pandemic. But he’s already facing pushback from public safety representatives.

The Police Protective League, which has been clashing with the mayor already over policing matters, pushed back against the idea in a strongly-worded statement that referenced Garcetti’s support for reduced public safety funding.

“Mayor Garcetti wants to reimagine policing. He should send his civilian staff to turn off people’s electricity & cut off their water,” the League said in a tweet. “Let officers deal with the rise in shootings and killings in L.A. We need a leader and not a political contortionist.”

Garcetti’s directive followed images of a large house party in the Beverly Crest neighborhood where hundreds of people gathered closely together without masks. That same party ended with a fatal shooting.

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