Fullerton Parts Ways With Parks and Rec Director

The City of Fullerton has severed ties with its Parks and Recreation director, Hugo Curiel, The Fullerton Observer reports. City Manager Ken Domer notified the City Council of his decision to terminate Curiel’s contract Friday.

While there had been some criticism of the department, Domer told The Observer that there was no single cause for the termination and that it was not the result of any wrongdoing.

“As the City Manager I am responsible for day-to-day operations and to make adjustments as needed, and sometimes they are bigger than others that are made more frequently. Given the City’s ongoing financial condition, as we transition to a lesser level of service ability in response to staffing levels and revenue projections, the organization will constantly be changing so we can continue to deliver services and be responsive to our residents,” Domer said.

Curiel joined the department in 2008 and was appointed to the director’s post in 2013. Due to financial constraints, Domer does not plan to fill the position for at least a year.