Oakland Calls for Statewide Decriminalization of Psychedelics

Oakland city leaders have called on the state to follow their lead in decriminalizing psychedelic plants.

In December, the City Council passed a resolution sponsored by Councilman Noel Gallo (D) and advocated by Decriminalize Nature (DN), a pro-psychedelics lobbying group. The resolution reads in part:


...the Oakland City Council hereby urges the State Legislature to immediately enact state laws that 1) decriminalize or legalize the possession and use of Entheogenic Plants and fungi, 2) allow local jurisdictions to allow its citizens to engage in community-based healing ceremonies involving the use of Entheogenic Plants and fungi without risk of arrest and state prosecution, when practiced in accordance with safe practice guidelines and principles, and 3) that provide legal protections against criminal prosecution for local jurisdictions and their elected and appointed officials and employees, practitioners and users operating in accordance with the Oakland Community Healing Initiative (OCHI)...


California State Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) has said he plans to introduce legislation that would decriminalize psychedelics statewide.


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