Mob Vandalizes Mayor Darrell Steinberg’s Home

A group of far Left activists upset over Sacramento’s homeless policies descended on Mayor Darrell Steinberg’s home last weekend, terrifying his family and causing thousands of dollars worth of damage.

“This was not protest. This was anarchy,” the mayor wrote in a statement. The assailants — clad in black and wearing helmets — lobbed rocks, destroyed artwork, and repeatedly called out his children by name.

The mayor has received criticism after the deaths of several unsheltered homeless people during rainstorms last month. The California Homeless Union has demanded Steinberg's resignation and said it will launch a recall effort if he fails to do so.

The group has refused to condemn the violence, California Public Radio reports.

“A rock thrown in anger against Mayor Steinberg’s door or trash dumped on his front lawn, if that is what took place, pales by comparison to the indifference of Mr. Steinberg,” the California Homeless Union said in a statement.