These California Cities Are Among the Healthiest in the US

WalletHub has published a list of 2021’s healthiest cities. Researchers at the credit expert site compared over 180 of the nation’s most populated cities and scored them based on dozens of indicators. Factors taken into consideration include death rates; the number of physicians and hospital beds per capita; medical costs; healthy food options; residents’ physical activity levels; prevalence of open space and more.

San Francisco was ranked healthiest, with a score of 69.11 out of 100. It was followed by Seattle, Portland, San Diego, and Honolulu.

Three out of the top 10 healthiest cities were in the Golden State. Below is a list of California’s 10 healthiest cities, according to WalletHub.

  1. San Francisco (#1)
  2. San Diego (#4)
  3. Irvine (#8)
  4. Huntington Beach (#13)
  5. Fremont (#14)
  6. San Jose (#21)
  7. Santa Rosa (#23)
  8. Los Angeles (#29)
  9. Glendale (#30)
  10. Santa Clarita (#31)

Keep it up, health nuts!

List and data were compiled by WalletHub and do not reflect statistics on all cities.