These California Cities Are Among the Worst for Bed Bug Infestations

Los Angeles and San Francisco have once again made Orkin’s list of top Bed Bug Cities, but they’ve both improved their rankings from last year.

In 2020, Los Angeles ranked 4th for bed bug infestations. San Francisco ranked 13th. This year, they came in at #9 and #22 respectively.

The rankings are compiled every year by Orkin based on its own pest control service data. The 2021 results are specifically based on the metro areas where Orkin performed the most bed bug treatments, both commercial and residential, from December 1, 2019 – November 30, 2020.

According to Orkin, these are the top 10 cities for bed bug infestation this year:

  1. Chicago, IL
  2. Baltimore, MD
  3. Washington, DC
  4. Detroit, MI
  5. Columbus, OH
  6. Cleveland, OH
  7. Indianapolis, IN
  8. Cincinnati, OH
  9. Los Angeles, CA*
  10. Grand Rapids, MI

List and data were compiled by Orkin and do not reflect statistics on all cities.