Guy in Teddy Bear Suit Walks Over 400 Miles from LA to San Francisco

The pandemic gave plenty of people a chance to follow their dreams. Some started their own business or traveled the United States by car. One guy dressed up like a giant teddy bear and made the 400-mile trek — by foot — from Los Angeles to San Francisco.

His name is Jesse Larios, but he goes by Bearsun when he’s in the suit. “I'm like a puppy, I guess. I just see something and I chase after it,” the 33-year-old told CNN.

He started his journey on April 12 of this year, walking north from LA’s Little Tokyo neighborhood in his bear costume. He finally arrived at the Golden Gate Bridge on Saturday.

Bearsun has been documenting the whole thing on Instagram and raising money for charity through a GoFundMe page.

He’s well known to law enforcement. His presence has generated dozens of calls to local police departments. Typically, the callers have expressed worries about his safety.

Most welcome Bearsun’s silly antics with a smile and a selfie. After a serious and depressing year, we’ll take it.