Planting to Begin at Mendota’s First Retail Cannabis Farm

Mendota’s first legal retail cannabis farm recently broke ground. The 59-acre farm will be one of the largest in the state, according to Boca Del Rio Farms co-founder Dustin Moore. The first harvest is expected in the fall. By early next year, Boca Del Rio products grown in this part of western Fresno will be available on dispensary shelves.

Mayor Rolando Castro was there to see the project begin. He’s one of the many people who has changed his thinking about cannabis. Five years ago, he would have never welcomed a farm like this in his community.

“I got educated over time and it became legal,” Castro told Your Central Valley. “My council finally said ‘hey this is probably the only option of bringing revenue to the community,'”

Moore said the farm will create 80 jobs and over $1 million in annual tax revenue.

The attention to safety is critical. The crops will be surrounded by a 7,000-volt electric fence with another six-foot fence in front of that. The farm will be protected by armed security 24 hours a day.


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