Pleasanton City Council Approves New Campaign Finance limits

New voluntary campaign spending limits have been adopted by the Pleasanton City Council. Tuesday’s vote introduces a cap of $1,000 per individual and business. (Under state campaign finance law, individual donations for a county or city elected office are capped at $4,900.) Mayoral campaign expenditures will be capped at $30,000. The cap will be $24,000 for a council seat.

The vote was divided. Mayor Karla Brown, Vice Mayor Julie Testa, and Councilmember Valerie Arkin favored the new limits. Kathy Narum and Jack Balch voted no.

Narum and Baluch said they wanted to see more flexibility in the allotted expenditures, with limits to the number of registered voters in an election. Both took issue with the higher cap for mayoral candidates. Karla Brown explained that it’s “a bigger job with a bigger seat and is more highly sought after,” and therefore requires more campaign cash.

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