Sierra Madre’s Manager Takes Job in Los Altos

Sierra Madre’s top administrator Gabriel Engeland has accepted the city manager’s position in Los Altos in Santa Clara County. Engeland announced his resignation during a closed session with the City Council on June 15. His final day in Sierra Madre will be July 16.

“The City of Sierra Madre is in a better place because of City Manager Gabe Engeland's contributions. I am extremely thankful for his leadership and ability to create a culture of accountability, collaboration, and transparency. Albeit I wish he'd stay, I am grateful for the imprint Mr. Engeland will leave in our community,” said Mayor Rachelle Arizmendi.

In a thoughtful letter to the city’s residents, Engeland called Sierra Madre “the best place to live in Southern California." He thanked the City Council for placing its trust in him.

Engeland has served as city manager of the LA County suburb for the past 41/2 years. He previously managed the cities of Trinidad, Colorado and Gilbert, Arizona. He earned his bachelor’s degree in community development from Central Michigan University and received a master’s degree in public administration from the University of Kansas.

The Los Altos City Council is expected to finalize an employment contract Tuesday. The three-year agreement calls for an annual salary of $245,095.