Vallejo’s new interim city manager calls it quits

Vallejo Interim City Manager Anne Cardwell has announced she’s leaving the city less than two months into her appointment. She will step down on Oct. 7.

Cardwell was appointed to the interim position after the departure of Greg Nyhoff on July 1. She has served as Assistant City Manager since 2018.

Cardwell gave the following explanation to the Times-Herald:

“The community is facing a number of complex, contentious, and difficult issues, including rising gun violence, implementing police reform efforts, addressing increasing rates of homelessness, as well as continuing to weather COVID. All of this with an organization that is understaffed across all departments.

“Additionally, there is a very vocal segment of the community that is incredibly critical of city staff at council meetings on a regular basis, including making false and negative statements about various city employees. In addition to often providing inaccurate information, these comments are demoralizing for staff and impact the city’s ability to effectively attract and retain staff.”