Encinitas Bans Natural Gas

Natural gas will be prohibited for new residential and commercial construction in Encinitas. The ordinance, which was passed 5-0 by the city council last week, also applies to accessory dwelling units or “granny flats.”

Several dozen California cities have passed similar ordinances, but most of the cities are located up north. The Los Angeles Times describes Encinitas’ policy as “the most comprehensive ordinance passed by a community in San Diego County.”

There are some exceptions for emergency buildings as well as restaurants that can show they need to cook with a flame, such as barbecue joints.

Encinitas City Council Member Joe Mosca said the new policy will help the city cut down on pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Critics have said it won’t make a dent in the global climate crisis and will only hurt local businesses. The California Restaurant Assn. has challenged similar natural gas bans because many professional cooks prefer to cook on gas stoves.

Read more at the Los Angeles Times and the San Diego Tribune


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