LA Voted Most Expensive, Inconvenient and Overrated City

Does anybody actually like living in Los Angeles anymore? We ask because L.A. was just voted the most expensive, least convenient, and most overrated city in North America by its own residents. The survey was conducted by international media company TimeOut. There were 27,000 respondents.

As fed up as Angelenos may be with the cost and traffic, they love the city’s diversity. That was enough to land L.A. at #11 on TimeOut’s list of the Best Cities in the World, even if it is expensive… and inconvenient… and overrated.

Believe it or not San Francisco took the #1 spot. SF has been dealing with a lot in terms of housing, homelessness, and rising crime. A recent poll revealed 40% of residents are considering leaving due to decreasing quality of life. It sort of makes you wonder how tethered to reality TimeOut’s rankings are.

Read more about the survey results and see a full list of TimeOut’s Best Cities in the World here.

Rankings were compiled by TimeOut and do not reflect data on all cities.