This Podcast Makes Local Government Easy for Everyone to Understand

We need more people to get involved in local government. We know that. What we don’t always know is how to explain the ins and outs of local government in a way that's simple enough for everyone to understand. And that's usually the first step.

Enter Voice of San Diego’s new San Diego 101 Podcast. It's an entire series devoted to local government sausage-making. Hosts Adriana Heldiz and Maya Srikrishnan aren’t just sharing inspiring stories of activism; they’re explaining local politics in simple, relatable terms that give listeners the sense of confidence they need to get engaged.

You can listen to San Diego 101’s first episode here. They interview Aaron Harvey, who once found himself facing life in prison thanks to an obscure penal code, as well as former San Diego City Councilman David Alvarez. Harvey and Alvarez both talk about what led them to get involved in local government – and why you should too.

Over the course of the series, listeners will learn about city councils and county boards of supervisors, school boards, redistricting and more. There are no stupid questions, just an opportunity to learn.