Murrieta Founding Father Ronald “Tex” McAlister Dies

Ronald “Tex” Powers McAlister, one of the co-founders of the City of Murrieta, has died at the age of 93. McAlister passed away at his home on Dec. 19, according to his family.

The idea for Murrieta’s cityhood was born over breakfast at the Windmill restaurant on Jefferson Avenue in 1988. At that meeting, a group of three men – McAlister, John McElroy, and George Walker – decided to form Murrieta Citizens for Cityhood. They enlisted volunteers to get incorporation on the ballot. The Riverside County city was formally established three years later.

McAlister was the last surviving member of the trio that pushed for Murrieta’s cityhood. Walker died in 2001 and McElroy died in 2005.

McAlister was also preceded in death by his wife Charlene; two of his children; a grandchild; and his brother Maurice, a co-founder of the City of Downey.

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