Long Beach Bans Childless Adults From Playgrounds. Will More Cities Follow?

Well, they’ve done it. The Long Beach City Council has passed an ordinance that bans people over age 12 from hanging out in "kid zones" in city parks, unless they’re there supervising children.

The zones include the city’s 80 public playgrounds. Officials complain that teenagers and adults have destroyed the equipment made for children. Exposure to drinking and drug paraphernalia is also a concern.

The ordinance, which was passed unanimously, does not bar anyone from public parks. It strictly relates to the playgrounds that house the slides, monkey bars, swings, and other equipment.

Long Beach isn’t the first city to have considered such an idea. A similar proposal was once under consideration in Los Angeles, but the City Council abandoned it after heavy criticism from the ACLU.

With homelessness and drug use on the rise in California, more cities could consider "kid zones" of their own.