San Francisco and Irvine Among Top U.S. Cities for Parks

Research shows that safe, equitable access to parks and open spaces poses myriad benefits to society. Parks are essential for youth engagement and mental health. There’s also ample evidence that parks aid sustainability and can help mitigate effects from climate change.

Recognizing the importance of our public parks, Trust for Public Land (TPL) issues a ParkScore® index each year, measuring park systems across the 100 most-populated cities in the United States. The index considers access, investment, amenities, acreage, equity.

Two California cities made the top 10 on TPL’s list this year. San Francisco came in at No. 7. Here’s how the ranking broke down:

  • 100/100 for access
  • 54/00 for acreage
  • 100/100 for investment
  • 67/100 for amenities
  • 63/100 for equity

Irvine made No. 8. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 83/100 for access
  • 77/100 for acreage
  • 93/100 for investment
  • 68/100 for amenities
  • 62/100 for equity

Washington, D.C. ranked No. 1 nationally, followed by St. Paul, MN.

Read the report here and see how other California cities compared.

List and data were compiled by Trust for Public Land and do not reflect statistics on all cities.