Millbrae Councilman Brutally Attacked in San Francisco

Millbrae City Councilman Anders Fung says he was the victim of an unprovoked attack by two unidentified males while he was out hiking with his family in San Francisco on Sunday. One of the young men dropped a cement block on the councilman’s head, leaving a two-inch gash in his skull.

Fung, who is Millbrae’s first Chinese elected official, said this was a hate crime perpetrated because he is Asian. His wife managed to get photographs of the two assailants from behind. You can view them here

“Today, I was violently attacked near Lands End in the San Francisco Richmond district,” Fung announced on Facebook Sunday. “2 young men in hoodies threw a concrete block and struck me on my head. When my family confronted the perpetrators demanding them to stop, one of them gave my family an obscene hand gesture before fleeing the crime scene. The US Park Police responded on scene, and are still searching for the suspects. I was transported to CPMC emergency care. I sustained a head injury with a 2 inch laceration, and a cervical disc herniation around my neck. The doctor performed an MRI and CT scan, and also stitched up my wound. The pain is severe but I am expected to have a full recovery. As a community, public safety is paramount to our collective success. We must stand firm against all senseless violence and hate. Our people deserve a safe living environment.”

Like the rest of the nation, the San Francisco Bay Area has seen a steep rise in anti-Asian violence over the past three years. Growing frustration over anti-Asian hate crimes were a factor in the recall against San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin last week.   

Read more at the San Francisco Chronicle.

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