Meet City Kitty — Lemon Grove’s Most Popular Employee

Many employers are still struggling to get people back in the office. One city in San Diego County may have found the key. 

Meet City Kitty — Lemon Grove’s most popular employee. She has four legs, whiskers, and she “works for treats,” according to City Manager Lydia Romero.

“City Kitty was brought on as an emotional support animal during covid, and she has really helped and done her job effectively,” Romero says.

Romero got the idea to adopt an office cat after reading an article in the Harvard Business Review about the benefits of pets in the workplace. The plan was to foster her for three months, but it soon became clear City Hall was where she belonged. She’s now a permanent fixture.

City Kitty greets the employees every morning when they get to work and walks around the office throughout the day. She also greets the public outside and in the lobby.

Learn more about City Kitty and how she spends her day here.