Hundreds of San Francisco Workers Make $100,000 or More in Overtime

A deputy sheriff in San Francisco made $296,652 in overtime in 2021, bringing their gross pay to $451,269. A San Francisco firefighter took home $413,844, in large part because of $257,072 in overtime. An assistant chief of the fire department earned $193,883 beyond normal working hours, boosting their take-home pay to $458,223.  

These employees are among more than 200 San Francisco workers who made over $100,000 in overtime pay during the 2020-2021 fiscal year, according the San Francisco Chronicle. The publication based its analysis on documents from the City Controller’s Office. 

Four departments accounted for most of the exorbitant overtime pay:

  • San Francisco Sheriff’s Office
  • San Francisco Fire Department
  • San Francisco Public Health Department
  • San Francisco Police Department

Overall, the city spent $310 million in overtime for its employees last year. Labor shortages have increased overtime hours in many municipalities.

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