Arvin Police Chief Calls It Quits

Arvin Police Chief Ed Brock will step down Wednesday after less than 18 months on the job. The city is now searching for a new top cop for the third time in as many years.

“Chief Brock is leaving the Arvin Police Department in good standing and is looking forward to a new law enforcement leadership opportunity and more time with his family. During Chief Brock’s 17-month tenure, he has reconstructively led the charge with the existing staff through proactive leadership, training and accountability,” according to an official statement from the city. 

But as reports, Brock’s tenure has been fraught with controversy. Two of his employees have filed complaints against him — one for wrongful termination and another for retaliation. City officials were also caught off guard in March when they learned he was seeking employment with the San Diego County Sheriff's Office, where he used to work.

Arvin’s last police chief, Scot Kimble, was in the job for less than a year before pleading no contest to misappropriating public funds at his former workplace. Given the instability of the office, officials say they’re in no rush to pick a permanent replacement for Brock just yet.