San Ramon City Manager Joe Gorton to Retire

After sixteen years with the City of San Ramon, including the past six as city manager, Joe Gorton has decided to retire. He’ll step down in January.

Gorton began his career in 1988 as a deputy sheriff for the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office, which provided services for San Ramon. Eighteen years later, he became a captain and founding member of the San Ramon Police Department. He was promoted to police chief in November 2013 and has served as city manager since January 2017.

Gorton is credited with helping the city retain a AAA bond rating, helping to oversee renovations of City Hall and other facilities, and overseeing completion of several large infrastructure projects, including the widening of Bollinger Canyon Road and Alcosta Boulevard and completion of a pedestrian bridge. Under his leadership, the police department partnered with the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District for a mental health pilot project that has paramedics and medically-trained firefighters respond first to emergencies involving mental health. Gorton also worked with Contra Costa County and 19 other cities to establish the award-winning A3 Community Crisis Response Initiative. 

In a heartfelt announcement, Gorton said the following:

“Words do not adequately express my love for this community and the team that has dedicated their lives to provide a quality of life that is unmatched to those who live, work, and play in San Ramon. The beacon that leads us all is our city council’s vision for San Ramon; both past and present. I am grateful to have worked for this community, and have been a firsthand witness as our councils have put the priorities of the community first. Our staff is amazing and is the very reason San Ramon is one of the most attractive communities in the country. With the leadership of our current department directors, I have full confidence in the success of San Ramon going forward.”

Image Credit: City of San Ramon