Two California Cities Among Those With the Worst Potty Mouths

New Yorkers and other East Coast residents have always had a reputation for swearing. But a new list of the biggest potty-mouthed cities is turning the conventional wisdom on its head.

Preply surveyed over 1,500 residents of 30 major U.S. cities to determine which cities swear the most. Neither New York, Boston, or Jersey City made the top 10. In fact, Boston and New York ranked near the bottom of the list for cities that swear.

Can you f***ing believe it?

The most foul-mouthed prize winners were predominantly located in the south and southwest, with a midwest city at the very top. Columbus, Ohio was #1 at 36 average swears per day. The runners up were Las Vegas, Nevada and Jacksonville, Florida.

Two California cities also made the top 10. San Francisco tied with Fort Worth, Texas and Louisville, Kentucky at #5 with 24 daily swears. Los Angeles ranked #7 along with Austin, Texas at 21 swears per day.

In addition to New York and Boston, cities with the most polite tongues include San Jose and San Diego.

See the rankings here.

Lists and data were compiled by Preply and do not reflect statistics on all cities. 


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