Study: California is Home to Eight Out of the Ten Worst Cities for Drivers

The past year has been a harrowing one for drivers and the pedestrians they encounter on our roads. People have gone absolutely berserk, resulting in tragic loss of life.

Maybe it’s a California thing. Eight cities in the Golden State just made a list of the top 10 cities with the worst drivers in America:

  1. Bakersfield (#1)
  2. Sacramento (#2)
  3. Los Angeles (#4)
  4. San Francisco (#5)
  5. San Diego (#6)
  6. Fresno (#7)
  7. Riverside (#8)
  8. Richmond (#9)

The list was published by QuoteWizard, which ranked 70 cities across the country on driving safety. The researchers looked at speeding tickets and other dangerous citations, accident rates, and DUIs.

“Bakersfield has the worst drivers in the nation,” the authors proclaim. The city has the highest DUI rate. It’s also eighth in the nation for accidents and citations and fourth in speeding. 

Not a single California city made the top 10 for best drivers. 

Be careful out there, friends. These streets are gonzo.

List and data were compiled by QuoteWizard and do not reflect statistics on all cities.