Why Was Ventura’s City Manager Placed on Leave?

Ventura City Manager Alex McIntyre was abruptly placed on administrative leave last week. As of Nov. 14, Assistant City Manager Akbar Alikhan is acting city manager for the city.

A revision to the city council meeting agenda on the 14th provides some clues about what transpired. As the VC Reporter notes, two closed session items were added — one for “public employee discipline/dismissal/release” and one for “conference with legal counsel-potential litigation.”

After the session was held, City Attorney Andrew Heglund announced that McIntyre had been placed on “paid administrative leave, pending council direction on a private personnel matter.” The vote was 7-0.

McIntyre has been at the center of recent controversy stemming from a trip to Washington, D.C., which violated the state’s open meetings law. He has also faced questions over the use of a state-issued credit card. Those questions sparked a September audit of officials' travel and credit card expenditures.


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