Alameda County Votes in Favor of Recounting Multiple Races

In a unanimous vote, the Alameda County Board of Supervisors has approved a recount for the Oakland mayor’s race and a seat on the board of the Oakland Unified School District.

The vote comes after the county registrar’s office acknowledged an error had been made in tallying Oakland’s rank-choice elections resulting in the wrong candidate being named winner in the OUSD District 4 race, according to The Oaklandside.

The NAACP then called for a recount in the Oakland Mayor’s race which saw a narrow margin of victory. After the organization failed to pay the required $21,000 a day fee for the recount, Supervisor Keith Carson proposed a recount by an independent third party.

So, the City of Oakland awaits as a recount happens for the Mayor seat and the District 4 School Board seat.


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