The Best Cities for Raising a Family

When it comes to raising a family, California isn’t always an ideal place. The high cost of living, including astronomical home prices, puts many cities out of reach.

Scholaroo recently released a list of the top 152 cities to raise a family. The rankings were based on 33 metrics across 7 categories: Safety, Health care, Finances, Education, Leisure, Quality of Life, and Home Atmosphere.

Warwick, Rhode Island took the top spot followed by Charleston, West Virginia and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Although no California cities made it into the top 10, a few made it into the top 50.

The Best California Cities for Raising a Family

  1. Huntington Beach (#16)
  2. Anaheim (#17)
  3. Long Beach (#31)
  4. San Diego (#62)
  5. Fresno (#65)
  6. Sacramento (#81)
  7. Riverside (#92)

Stockton and Santa Ana made the bottom 10 at #149 and #150 respectively.

Read the full list and methodology here.

List and data were compiled by Scholaroo and do not reflect statistics on all cities.


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