Downey Councilwoman Recalled in a Landslide

Downey’s District 3 representative Catherine Alvarez has been recalled by an astounding 90% of voters. Tuesday’s election was prompted by revelations that the councilwoman has been arrested numerous times for welfare fraud, perjury, and theft. 

The latest results from the Los Angeles County Registrar’s Office show 2,905 votes in favor of booting Alvarez. Just 318 voters want her to keep the seat.  

This was the first recall election ever held in the City of Downey. Turnout was low at just 18.71%.

“This recall was about fairness and accountability,” recall proponents said in a statement sent to the Downey Patriot. “Voters deserve to know if a candidate has been arrested, and in this case, Catherine Alvarez had numerous arrests that she hid from voters. She never would have been elected had District 3 residents known of her prior arrests."

“The message from D-3 residents is loud and clear, character counts in this community,” Mayor Claudia Frometa added. “You cannot lie, steal and defraud your way onto a position of leadership, not in Downey. Ethics and transparency matter.”

In a statement, Alvarez blamed greedy landlords for her ouster, saying they “they got their wish to evict the only tenant on the Downey City Council.”


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