City of Santa Fe Springs
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JOB TITLE: City Manager
AGENCY: City of Santa Fe Springs
LOCATION: Santa Fe Springs, CA
FILING DEADLINE:  April 24, 2023
SALARY RANGE:  $245,000 – $300,000 Annually


The City Manager serves as Chief Executive Officer of the City, advising and providing support to the City Council on policy and programs impacting the community and the City organization. The City Manager provides overall leadership and direction to the City government, implementing the policies of the City Council, represents the City’s interests with other levels and agencies of government, business interests, and the community at large. This position is responsible for ensuring that city services are performed to the highest standard in line with City Council priorities.

Administer the affairs of the City and direct staff in the implementation of the City Council’s priorities which include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Oversee the proper application and enforcement of City laws and ordinances.
  • Direct development and implementation of City goals and objectives as well as policies and procedures necessary to provide municipal services; approve new or modified programs, systems, administrative/personnel policies and procedures.
  • Direct the development, presentation, and administration of the City budget; prepare and oversee the financial forecast of funding needed for staffing, equipment, materials, and supplies; monitor revenues and expenditures, and ensure the necessary adjustments.
  • Conduct assessments, analysis, and interpretation of policies, procedures, and programs.
  • Provide overall daily supervision, management, mentorship, and direction to City departments.
  • Build and maintain positive relationships with City employees, community and business leaders, as well as established employee bargaining units and the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Create an open and collaborative culture which encourages staff, resident and business input on City operations and programs. Be responsive.
  • Establish effective management relationships with surrounding cities, special districts, county, state, and federal agencies.
  • Coordinate and provide timely and accurate information to the public and media regarding City events and activities.
  • Maintain regular communication with the public and other stakeholders. Respond to difficult and sensitive citizen inquiries and complaints in a timely manner.
  • Represent the City in the community and at professional meetings.
  • Ensure high performance and accountability across City Hall to ensure what is best for the citizens of Santa Fe Springs.

The City seeks an experienced, politically astute, and strategic leader with well-rounded experience and the ability to provide effective leadership in all municipal areas of government. The ideal candidate will be a dynamic and confident manager with excellent communication and interpersonal skills able to build solid business relationships and partnerships. She/He will be dedicated and committed to working collaboratively to ensure that the City embraces opportunities while being a creative problem solver to continue the high quality of services that are needed. The successful candidate should be comfortable working on a range of issues including economic development, financial management, infrastructure issues, public safety, as well as environmental and social justice; and have a proven track record implementing and seeing projects to completion.

The selected candidate will appreciate and protect the historical aspects of the City while creating strategies and plans for a post-pandemic world. The selected candidate will have a positive and inclusive demeanor, and a passion for public service; a leader that recognizes this opportunity to create and establish an effective and efficient administrative infrastructure for long-term success.

Key characteristics and attributes:
  • The ability to establish positive and effective communication with city council, ensuring all members are kept informed, offering balanced data and professional guidance, and options and alternatives to resolve issues, including pros and cons.
  • Be politically astute, while remaining apolitical and have the ability to deal with adversity.
  • A supportive leader who creates a cohesive structure and team-oriented working environment.
  • An inclusive and positive management style that ensures accountability, responsibility, and encourages discussion and ideas from staff and key stakeholders.
  • Good organizational skills with a transparent style of leadership; outward facing who is able and willing to use the City website to promote projects, engage with the community, be approachable.
  • Flexible. Able to provide clear goals and expectations, while remaining agile and can adapt to changing priorities. Must be innovative and willing to take initiative, motivated, and a self-starter.
  • The ability to effectively communicate with staff. Remove roadblocks and be willing to allow for project ownership, employee development, and a sense of pride. Able to attract and retain a solid, high performing workforce.
  • An engaging and responsive style of leadership. Have a desire and willingness to have open discussion, work with staff to provide alternatives and options for the best outcomes, and be open to new ideas and perspectives.
  • Stay current in new technologies and statewide and national legislation.
  • Invest in learning and understanding the uniqueness, vision, and mission of the ‘Santa Fe Springs Way’.
  • Effective at community engagement and follow through. A listener.

Santa Fe Springs is one of Los Angeles County’s ‘Gateway Cities’ and a key commercial and industrial city of Southern California. Part of the reason for this is its location in the busy “southwest corridor,” midway between the center of Los Angeles and Orange counties. The City of Santa Fe Springs now encompasses nine square miles, with about 84% of the land zoned for commercial and industrial use. The City’s population is approximately 18,000; however, the daytime population is estimated at 95,000. Santa Fe Springs actively supports local businesses, social services, and the arts. Home to 100 acres of recreation space and miles of greenbelts and parkways, Santa Fe Springs is a cultural and environmental oasis.

For more details about this opportunity, please visit the job brochure at: https://koffassociates.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/Rev3-Santa-Fe-Springs-CM.pdf.

To be considered, please submit a resume, cover letter, and five work related references (who will not be contacted in the early stages of the recruitment) to: https://koffassociates.com/santa-fe-springs-cm/. Resumes should reflect years and months of positions held, as well as size of past organization(s).

For additional information, please contact:
Frank Rojas at (510) 495-0448; frank_rojas@ajg.com
Joshua Boudreaux at (510) 901-0044; josh_boudreaux@ajg.com
Website: https://koffassociates.com/

To learn more about the City of Santa Fe Springs, go to: https://www.santafesprings.org/.