Anyone involved in local politics has one (or more) favorite gadfly stories. Below is a growing list of gems, compiled in an effort to amuse as well as educate about the ubiquity of both cameras and 'passion' around city halls.

Send us your best examples and see how your gadfly compares to these hall of famers.

Surfer Bros Make Plea for House Parties in L.A.

Two bros who have been crashing city council meetings around SoCal make their debut at L.A. City Hall. This time, they’re speaking out against L.A.’s crackdown on house parties in the Hollywood Hills.

Who knew shotgunning Bud Lights and mooning your swim team could be such a pivotal moment in a man’s life?

What Up, Council?

Does San Clemente need a giant statue of the late actor Paul Walker? These Jeff Spicolis incarnate sure think so.

Rob Ford Gets Down.
Stuck in that afternoon slump? Looking for a way to jumpstart your morning? How about a good evening workout?

Cocaine-smoking Toronto mayor Rob Ford has some moves to share with you. Politics and general shenanigans aside, this guy sure can jam it.

East Coast vs. West Coast Perv-Off!
Ok, so this isn't our usual City Hall Gadfly video, but it's just too good not to include here. Conan O'Brien hosts the first ever East Coast vs. West Coast Municipal Government Perv-Off to see who's really the bigger creep: a man whose gray boxer brief-covered package we've all seen, or a man who puts cornered women in headlocks.

Concerned Citizen Ann Romney
Without any special announcement or pomp and circumstance, Ann Romney, now a resident of La Jolla, came to the San Diego City Council meeting to voice concerns over notification on project developments. Quite a change from 2012...

I Say No!
"Who's running this boat?" asks one Pacifica resident.  He ought to know, he's "been to every meeting the last year and a half..."

Baboozlements, Mistruths and Unconstitutionalities 
From Hall of Famer Zuma Dogg.  Includes interesting debate on the Brown Act.

Best Taiwanese Legislative Fights of All Time
Not sure if the soundtrack adds or subtracts...

Country Western, Punk rock... Bosnia?
Put the three together and you get Gadfly hilarity in Richmond, Va...

The Mid Cambridge Society of Egg Laying Hens and their Paramours 
Testimony from the Chief Yolk Inspector himself.

Decorum and Order
"Scrantonian" Ray Lyman is back with a potentially fraudulent and "kinda suspicious" letter.

You Callin' Me a Liar?
A Scranton resident rails against the "ridiculous 4 minute" limit on public comment.

"No One Made You Dictator"...
A Councilman with 'bones to pick' gets more than he bargains for...

Not for the faint of heart.

High Octane Gadfly
Quote of the year: "your time is up Mr. Dogg."

The Puppetmaster
Self explanatory.

Lady in Red (Beret)

It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
Baby Blue Ties and the Mayor of America's Most Beautiful City... Coincidence????

New London, Old Disputes
The councilmembers in Kelo-Ground-Zero New London, CT mix it up at a council meeting.  One wonders how they ever agreed on the 'best use' of a certain parcel... 

It's Not Just Us
Councils around the world deal with passionate, if not irate, consituents.  This one's not in English, but its themes are universal.

Rogue Helicopter Pilots
A Charlotte resident is 'ready to explode like Mt. St Helens' regarding a 'rogue helicopter pilot.'  FOIA requests, redacted documents, this one has it all.

Carson City Smackdown
An audience member is hit on the head at a recent council meeting.