Community Development Director

City of Agoura Hills, CA

Community Development Director
Agoura Hills, CA

As the gateway to the picturesque Santa Monica National Recreation Area, the City of Agoura Hills is one of the nicest and safest cities to live and work.  The City of Agoura Hills is recognized for its family orientation, wonderful residential neighborhoods, superb schools, and managed growth.  Residents and businesses alike enjoy the City’s parks and open space; commercial and retail business environment; suburban character; high level of municipal services, public engagement and transparency, professional management, and regional partnerships.  The community, civic leaders and the City team prioritize professionalism, customer service, responsiveness, accessibility, and quality services to support the interests of the residential and business community.  Incorporated in 1982 to secure local control over zoning, the City is focused on balancing its history as a slow-growth, bedroom community that prioritizes open space while supporting new development consistent with the community’s goals for sustaining the vitality of the City, maintaining quality of life attributes, and upholding excellence in the delivery of public services.  The City values the preservation of open space, high quality of life, vibrant business community, and environmental sensitivity.

The ideal candidate for Community Development Director will have technical experience and skills in facilitating all aspects of the planning process, evaluating the development practices for implementing process improvements, communicating complex planning matters in clear understandable terms, and collaboratively working with the business and residential community, regional agencies, and the public.  Applicants should have strong technical skills in planning, and embrace an organizational culture of teamwork, professional development, accountability, high performance and professionalism.  The position requires five years of management experience in current- or advance-planning with at least two years as a supervisor including graduation from an accredited four-year college with major coursework in planning or a related field.  The annual salary range of the position is $151,920 to $185,100, and the City provides competitive benefit health and retirement package.

To apply for this exciting career opportunity, please visit our website at:

Peckham & McKenney

Resumes are acknowledged within two business days.  Call Tony Dahlerbruch at (866) 912-1919 for more information. A detailed brochure is available at

Filing deadline is September 11, 2020.



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