Superior Court of California, County of Sacramento
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Family Court Services Manager
Superior Court of California, County of Sacramento
Family Law Court Services Section – Family Law Division 
Annual Salary: $120,176 - $146,304 DOE/DOQ
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Sacramento Superior Court seeks a Family Court Services Manager with an unwavering commitment to ensuring that justice is served with empathy and compassion. This position plays a vital role in serving the community. This Manager will oversee a team of 12 Child Custody Recommending Counselors (Counselors) who handle mediation and investigative services for Family Law Court Services. They are also responsible for guiding consistency and addressing complex legal and clinical issues, ensuring that the best interests of children are considered within the statutory court system. The ideal candidate will have experience testifying and serve as an expert witness. Extensive knowledge of domestic violence and the ability to handle confrontations are essential in this position. The Manager needs to be an unbiased presence, capable of diffusing tense situations, and ensuring that the mediation process remains neutral. Beyond the courtroom, the Manager's influence extends to the community, instilling confidence in a system that can be overwhelming. Serve as a guardian of justice for the most vulnerable members of our society – apply today! 



The ideal candidate will be deeply passionate about serving vulnerable members of society. They will be a capable supervisor, with extensive experience understanding domestic violence, the effects of trauma, drug dependency, systems of abuse, systemic inequity, and court procedure. The Manager will be an emotionally intelligent leader who serves as a neutral party in times of extreme stress. Excellent conflict resolution is necessary in this work, as well as patience and active listening skills. It is important that the Manager has an open-door policy, remaining responsive and accessible when Counselors need support.